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It works by removing the hair berlow the surface of the skin 

Hair V Go

Are you fed up of Peach Fuzz, fine downy hair on you face?

Do you avoid standing in the sunshine or under bright lights fear of the Fuzz showing?

Fine downy hair on the face can be just as much of a nuisance as coarse hair. Traditional methods such as electrolysis, threading waxing and laser/ipl are often unsuitable for treating vellus hair growth.

Hair v go can safely de-fuzz peach fuzz without the risk of scarring burning in growing hairs or hyperpigmentation. This professional alkaline hair removal treatment formulated to remove and reduce fine fluffy and non- hormonal hair painlessly.

Hair v go treatment cream is used in conjunction with this treatment this must be purchased before treatment starts for best results.

How does it work?

Hair V Go is a revolutuionary professional treatment formulated to remove and progressively reduce fine, fluffy hair.

It works by removing the hair below the surface of the skin. Hair V Go breaks down the protein structure, dissolving the hair and is than simply washed away. 

With Hair V Go there is no need to worry about paim, scarring, burns, ingrowing hairs or Hyperpigmentation.

Hair V Go removes all the hair safely and comfortablty all in one single treatment.  Fortified with panthenol and special oigo proteins, it leaves the skin beautifully smooth, clear, soft and refreshed.



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