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Lash lift 

A lash lift is a professional treatment combining the use of lifting and setting lotions along with silicone rods to give your natural lashes a more full, long, and curled appearance instantly. The effect is what a lash curler does to your lashes (more length and curl), but the effects last up to 8 weeks. A lash lift can benefit anyone's lashes, short, long, full, or sparse. The most dramatic result is seen on those clients with very straight or down turned lashes. Everyone will see a lift to the eye instantly. It's great for those clients who are looking to save time in their routine by eliminating their lash curler or mascara or for those that just want to have more dramatic lashes when wearing eye makeup and mascara.


The service takes about 45 minutes to an hour complete, depending on processing time.

There is little aftercare needed. For 24 hours after your lash lift, keep the eye area away from steam, water, oils, lotions, makeup removers, and mascara. After the 24-hour period, you are free to use any makeup or skincare products around the eye.  Because the lashes are still malleable for up to 24 hours, sleeping on your back is advised.


  • Lash lift £35 (This includes tint & a mascara wand to keep them clean and tidy)

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