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Stunning Summer Ready Legs

Stunning Summer Ready Legs

We are all guilty of letting our leg shaving routine go out with summer, we need to keep warm in winter right?? Women on average shave over 11,000 times in their lifetime.

When we think of shaving the thought of folliculitis (rashes), dry, itchy skin and even cuts come to mind. Plus you’re lucky if you get 2 days of smoothness!! Ingrown hairs can also be a huge problem and can even become infected and turn into painful pus-filled sores.

Winter is the perfect time to start your course of laser, it takes approximately 8 sessions to be literally hair free (times can vary for each individual client). So you can have your hassle free, super smooth, gorgeous legs in time to show off this summer. After each session roughly 20% of the hair follicles die and the hair sheds out. So shaving time is drastically reduced between each session

Benefits of laser hair removal with Revitalaser Heswall

• Virtually pain-free with no medication or other pre-treatments required

• Long-lasting • Recovery-free, so you can return to normal activities immediately

• Effective for all skin types, including tanned skin, as well as different hair types

• More complete in coverage than other laser hair removal options

• Perfect for any area of the body - including more sensitive areas like the face, neck and bikini area

• Tan lasts longer (due to less shaving which takes of the top layers of skin)

• Skin feels smoother and softer

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