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ThermaVein Treatment Wirral

What does ThermaVein do?

ThermaVein offers the instant, safe and permanent removal of facial veins, medically referred to as "telangiectasia".  There are a variety of more commonly used names to include thread veins, spider veins, rosacea, vascular blemishes and spider naevi

Developed by ThermaVein in collaboration with Dr Brian Newman M.D., FRCS the pioneer of a process called "thermocoagulation". This process is not IPL, Laser or Epilation - all of which are alternatives used to treat the condition with varying results and a range of unpleasant side effects. This treatment offers consistent results, no known-side effects and the highest safety rating - this makes it the natural choice for our clients.

We strongly believe that this exclusive technology is the safest and most effective available. The technology has existed within the medical industry for almost 15 years, without issue and is backed by clinical trials. 

Already thousands of successful treatments have been completed worldwide, the unique process is acclaimed by international industry experts. After years of operating solely within the medical industry, this treatment is now available in our Heswall Medical Skin Spa. 

Why ThermaVein?

  • Instant results
  • No known side effectsthermavein-how-it-works.gif
  • Unique, Proven Technology

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All treatments take a maximum of 15 minutes.

Hi Andrea

I would just like to say a very big thank you for your lovely care and treatment.

I have suffered from red veins since my early 20's, they were mainly scattered across my nose and cheeks, I have tried all sorts of make up from green concealer to a cover up mineral make up and nothing really worked to cover up my red veins. My confidence was very low and I couldn't go out without putting some sort of make up on my face. The money I spent to try and cover up these red veins and still look natural was very costly and it didn't really work anyway. I had heard about a red vein treatment in the past that was suppose to get rid of these red veins and so tried it, it was a cheaper option, however, it didn't work, so I carried on believing that they are here to stay. Now 41 I still had the issue and low confidence that these veins had given me for 20 years. So one day I was in Heswall with my family I was walking past Revitalaser and just popped in on the off chance for some information on these red veins, it was so quick and easy to make an appointment. I was nervous but excited to see some results, Andrea told me every step of the way what was going to happen. It was a little stinging sensation and a little redness afterwards but with the cream that was recommended to me give me a faster recovery and it was a matter of a week and I saw the results starting to show through after only 3 sessions I can now go out of my house with confidence and NO MAKE UP!! These results have been amazing I am surprised and of course very happy that the veins go completely to leave your skin how it was before red veins. My best friend has commented on how much more clearer my skin looks and my family have all noticed it too.
Wish I had done it years ago !!!

My sister in law has seen my results and she want it done because it looks great, however she hasn't even got red veins, :) just goes to show it has worked.

Susan Diable