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Stuart Pelling

On initially hearing about the laser hair removal treatment that Andrea's performs, I must admit that although delighted at the prospect of having the possibility of hair being removed from certain areas of my body as a natural bodybuilder, the suggestion that it would be pain free raised some scepticism within me.

Slightly reluctantly still, despite all previous pre-conceptions being completely quashed, but far more at ease with the situation now I agreed to have a test area treated, which I was very pleased to announce to all produced no pain what so ever! I'm so glad that Andrea's calming and re-assuring manner convinced me her treatment would work for me as a permanent solution to my hair removal frustrations, and that is really is pain free! Following on from this I was obviously more than happy to proceed with the full treatment of my back, which I can honestly say has been Absolutely pain free, with no adverse side effects and the results have been fantastic.

This will be a great help to me in my bodybuilding when preparing for shows as will no longer need ask anyone else to assist me in my hair removal, which is a huge bonus, and also makes me much more confident to take my top off when not in the latter stages of show preparation as I would ordinarily have quite a hairy back, which I was particularly self conscious about.

All in all, I have been thrilled with the nature of the treatment, Andrea's professionalism and clearly the results that I've experienced and would certainly recommend the whole process to anyone considering becoming hair free in any area.



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