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The Body Ballancer 

Revitalaser has once again achieved a first for the Heswall beauty and skincare scene by acquiring exclusive use of the Body Ballancer within a radius of 25 miles.  

Everybody’s talking about the latest ‘A’ list go-to treatment which really does help to banish your cellulite.  The Body Ballancer, as seen on ‘Good Morning Britain’, provides medical-grade compression therapy which tackles fluid retention and provides really efficient lymphatic drainage.  The machine which was reviewed on tv was the Body Balance 505.  Revitalaser has acquired the latest, even more efficient version which is the Body Ballancer 606, which produces even better results.

What is the Body Ballancer?

It’s a painless, non-invasive, de-toxifying treatment which promotes the body’s own natural healing function by boosting the lymphatic system. 

This breakthrough in medical technology has proven to be particularly popular with A-listers who want to shift excess fluid and achieve inch loss in advance of a red-carpet-event, so they look their best in a close-fitting dress.

Cellulite is caused by a build-up of fat beneath the skin, usually on the thighs and buttocks in women.  It is mainly the result of eating too much processed food high in fat, carbohydrate and salt, and hardly any fibre.  Age, hormonal imbalance and

genetics also play a part, as does water retention.

The Body Ballancer helps to reduce cellulite by improving the way your body uses water and helping to eliminate excess fluid and toxins.  


Can men use the Body Ballancer as well?

This new treatment is not just for women. Men don’t have cellulite, but they do have lymphatic systems, so all the other benefits apply. 

How does it work?

The Body Ballancer is a unique, specially-designed pressure suit made up of 24 overlapping chambers.  It looks a bit like a space-age sleeping bag but with separate leg compartments, and you do get into it in a similar way.  It also comes with a pressure jacket.  

Each of the chambers inflates gradually, in a controlled way, to a particular pressure, from your feet upwards, and this compression stimulates your lymphatic system.  

The lymphatic is the system in your body responsible for the absorption, transportation and elimination of excess fluid.  That fluid also contains a lot of toxins which come not only from what we eat, but also the world in which we live.  We are surrounded by a lot of chemicals and pollutants which all contribute to toxins in our body.  


Keeping your body as free as possible from harmful toxins also helps to boost your immune system.

As well as tackling water retention and smoothing away cellulite, the lymphatic drainage achieved by using the Body Ballancer brings many benefits to your health.  

These include :
•    Inch loss due to elimination of excess fluid
•    Deeper, more restful sleep
•    Detox your body
•    Build a stronger immune system
•    Better gut health
•    Ease muscle stiffness after exercise
•    Better circulation
•    Clear skin

Can pregnant women benefit from the Body Ballancer?
Yes, because the compartments around the abdomen can be switched off.  The leg compartments will stay switched on to give a soothing leg massage which helps to reduce fluid retention.
How does the Body Ballancer improve my exercise experience?
Using the pressure suit before exercise gives a great warm-up, and helps with blood circulation.  After exercise it soothes any stiffness or soreness in the muscles.


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