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RegimA Body Treatments

Intensive Restorative Therapie Full Body Massage

This is our signature Massage treatment using our Intense Restorative Therapie Oil. This massage combines the use of long strokes over oiled skin and kneading of outer lethargic muscles tailored to ease stress, muscle fatigue and tension, soothe aching joints and points, aid cellulite reduction, and improve the texture and tone of the skin. The movements are designed to gently stimulate the Lymphatic System promoting waste and toxin removal that has built up in the tissues and improve circulation. Leaving you relaxed, feeling supple with a great sense of well being.

(60 min massage, including use of Foot spa)


Purifying Back Masque Treatment

Lowering the PH balance safely on the skin and incorporating the use of insulating foil to aid in deeper penetration. Using our Exfoliating Natural Enzyme Masque that will remove built up dead skin cells in those hard to reach places, close open pores and help control Acne. We will then apply the correct Treatment Mask for your specific skin requirements. This back treatment will deep clean your skin and leave it fresh and feeling superbly clean and rejuvinated.

(60 min treatment, including hot towels.)


Body Peel 

Using Natural Fruit Acids this full body treatment will repair and exfoliate deeper than other body scrubs. Removing dead skin cells, promoting collagen production and stimulating the elasticity in the skin leaving a rejuvenated, supple, smoother skin. Perfect before holidays/spray tans, helps maintain your glow.



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