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How It Works

All the hair on your body is in one of three stages of growth – anagen (growing), catagen (inactive) or telegen (shedding). These stages change on a four to six weekly time interval. Laser hair removal works by targeting the root (bulb) of the hair while it is still inside the follicle during the anagen growing stage.

Lasers emit energy that can target different structures within your skin. In Andrea Revitalaser hair removal, we narrowly target dark melanin pigment found surrounding the root of growing hairs. Gradually heating the hair root will kill the follicle and so prevent that hair from coming back.

But your hair growth actually occurs in phases, and laser hair treatment is only effective in the growing ‘anagen’ phase. Other hairs are not damaged and will not be removed. About 20% of hairs are vulnerable to the laser during each treatment because of the duration of the anagen phase. This varies for different areas of the body.

Repeated treatments are therefore necessary because of this small proportion of hairs in the ‘anagen’ phase at any one time. We recommend laser treatment at roughly 6 weekly intervals to ensure that additional hairs are targeted with their anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. Typically, 4-6 sessions are required according to the area of the body being treated. This will vary between people.

Andrea Revitalaser hair removal uses our latest Soprano XL Blue system, firing pulses of infrared diode laser energy at a wavelength of 810 nanometres to gradually heat the pigment within hair root (follicle). The sweeping IN-Motion™ technology and the unique DualChill™ hand piece tip means your skin stays cool. The sweeping movement also eliminates any skipped or missed hair spots commonly found with other types of laser hair removal.

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