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Most who know me are aware that I'm not one to have much of an interest in cosmetic procedures or expensive beauty regimes. There are many things about me that if I could change immediately and easily I would, but there are a number of treatments out there that require a lot of time, knowledge and money to proceed with. For me, this means unless I really want something done, understand it and trust the person doing it, I will almost never go through with it.
As a man of Jewish origin, I unfortunately inherited the slightly unlucky gene of hairiness. I fully accept that as a man it is biologically and humanly normal to have bodily hair. Sadly for me this does not stop outside a little bit of arm, leg and chest hair. The older I've become, the more visible places I have started to witness hair growth emerge across my body.
Since my early twenties I've started to grow hair across the top of my shoulders, as well as the back of my neck. Miraculously I do not have back hair (yet - I won't hold my breath with that one), but having random spreads of hair growth in places that aren't entirely common is something I've felt insecure about for a very long time. Being called names such as "grotesque" and having people use my hairiness as an excuse to personally attack me for years, I can't deny has got to me and admittedly is why I've decided to take action now.
I had read about laser treatment occasionally over the years. It's no secret that having a full hair removal treatment is a lengthy process as well as costly too. Despite it being something I liked the idea of and considered having done, I never went through with it because I simply didn't know enough about it, was sceptical about the outcomes and heard it was painful.
Recently, I met clinic owner Andrea Mappouridis (Revita Laser) at a beauty pageant in Liverpool who mentioned to me about what she did. She mentioned that she owned a state-of-the-art ultrasonic pain-free hair removal laser, an expensive piece of equipment, considerably new and uncommon amongst most laser clinics in the UK.
For the full story of my wonderful experience, just look at the Blog page for June 2015

MATTHEW DAVIES (big brother conrtestant) laser hair removal experience

Hi Andrea

I I would just like to say a very big thank you for your lovely care and treatment.

I have suffered from red veins since my early 20's, mainly scattered across my nose and cheeks. I have tried in vain all sorts of make-up from green concealer to a cover up mineral make up.

My confidence was very low and I couldn't go out without putting some sort of make up on my face. The money I spent to try and cover up these red veins and still look natural was ridiculous, and it didn't really work anyway.
I had heard about a red vein treatment in the past that was supposed to get rid of these red veins and so tried it as it was a cheaper option. However, it didn't work, so I carried on believing that they are here to stay.

Now 41 I still had the issue and low confidence that these veins had given me for 20 years. I was walking past and popped into Revitalaser in Heswall and made an appointment.
I was nervous but excited to see some results, Andrea told me every step of the way what was going to happen. The Thermavein procedure felt like a little stinging sensation and there was a little redness afterwards but recommended cream gave me a fast recovery. After just a week I saw the results starting to show through (after only 3 sessions)!
I can now go out of my house with confidence and NO MAKE UP!! These results have been amazing. My best friend has commented on how much clearer my skin looks and my family have all noticed it too.

Wish I had done it years ago !!!

Susan Diable

As a full-time model, you always have to look and feel your best. After recommendations from previous clients of Andrea's I went for my the first treatment. I always felt relaxed and comfortable, the treatment was PAIN FREE, infact it actually tickled. I noticed the difference after my very first treatment, the hair was instantly reduced and now my under arm, bikini and legs are hair free, my skin looks flawless and feels much more smoother and softer. My pictures are looking amazing, so no longer have to airbrush out any shadows.

Thank you so much, the results are fantastic!

Maria Ellinas
Fulltime Model

The treatment on my bikini area was well worth the price. The laser was painless and after 6 treatments I no longer have to worry about shaving the area for holidays and swimming which used to cause a terrible rash. I would definitely recommend Revitalaser.

Tracy M

On initially hearing about the laser hair removal treatment that Andrea's performs, I must admit that although delighted at the prospect of having the possibility of hair being removed from certain areas of my body as a natural bodybuilder, the suggestion that it would be pain free raised some scepticism within me.

Truth be known, hair removal had been something that I had ignorantly dismissed previously purely based on the pain element to the treatment as well as the potential for blistering and scarring that I'd heard of with other types of laser treatment, as much as I had wanted to have it done.

I spent some time speaking with Andrea, who but my mind at absolute ease short thereafter, by explaining to me that it was a completely revolutionary type of laser treatment.

Slightly reluctantly still, despite all previous pre-conceptions being completely quashed, but far more at ease with the situation now I agreed to have a test area treated, which I was very pleased to announce to all produced no pain what so ever! I'm so glad that Andrea's calming and re-assuring manner convinced me her treatment would work for me as a permanent solution to my hair removal frustrations, and that is really is pain free! Following on from this I was obviously more than happy to proceed with the full treatment of my back, which I can honestly say has been Absolutely pain free, with no adverse side effects and the results have been fantastic.

This will be a great help to me in my bodybuilding when preparing for shows as will no longer need ask anyone else to assist me in my hair removal, which is a huge bonus, and also makes me much more confident to take my top off when not in the latter stages of show preparation as I would ordinarily have quite a hairy back, which I was particularly self conscious about.

All in all, I have been thrilled with the nature of the treatment, Andrea's professionalism and clearly the results that I've experienced and would certainly recommend the whole process to anyone considering becoming hair free in any area.

Stuart Pelling - Fitness First Bromborough
General Director

I had to wax every three weeks, my skin would be redraw and break out in blemish spots, this treatment is amazing and my skin is completely clear and spot free and permanent! Love it!

Tarrah G

Revitalaser is totally pain free and has really improved my confidence. I have always been self conscious of my body hair, Revitalaser has changed this, I noticed a difference after one session and now several months later there is hardly any hair at all. They make you feel at ease and are lovely. I highly recommend them.

Sarah A

Dear Andrea. I am very pleased to endorse the services by Revitilaser. Having experienced the traditional style laser that was painful during and after, I was apprehensive to try again. Andrea assured me that her application was PAIN-FREE and was more like a hot stone massage. I can certainly guarantee that this is the case and found the procedure very relaxing. I found the results were a lot quicker than previous treatments and am pleased to have banished the razors. I highly recommend Andrea and Revitilaser and would have no hesitation in encouraging others to visit her.

Sandra B

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