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Have you ever wondered how your hair grows?Back

Have you ever wondered how your hair grows?

Did you know that your hair growth cycle can vary from a few months to several years and begins when a new dermal papilla is formed at the base of the follicle. This is the blood supply that nourishes the hair.

The Anagen stage is the first stage of your hair growth cycle. It wil continue into the later anagen phase as the hair grows and becomes stronger.

The Catagen stage is the second stage of your hair growth cycle. This is the stage were the hair begins to detach itself from the dermal papilla. This causes it to nourishment but continues to still be slightly nourished by the surrounding capillaries.

The hair will then enter the third stage of your hair growth cycle which is known as the Telogen stage. This is the stage when the hair completely detaches from the shrinking dermal papilla and no longer receives nourishment from the surround capillaries. During this stage the hair is simply being held into the follicle which has also shrunk during the process. These hair will then naturally shed and fall out with combing or friction.

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