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The Vegan life


We all need a nice pamper, Introducing Vegan friendly facials @Revitalaser!

The Vegan way of life is becoming ever more popular. There’s even Veganuary!, a whole month celebrating the Vegan way of life. It can be quite a task to find products that are certified by The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

People are becoming more aware of the effects our “normal” way of living effects animals, the environment and our health.

Animal cruelty and exploitation happens not only in the food industry but even in everyday items.

Things made from leather, suede and wool, makeup brushes, mattresses, even a trip to the spa can be off the agenda. Whilst there are many vegan sites with all the dos and don’ts to be a successful vegan there seems to be a lack in relaxation treats. Everyone needs a pamper in this fast-paced world we live in, taking time out for yourself cannot only improve your wellbeing but benefit your body and mind. Hence the Vegan friendly and cruelty free Facials at Revitalaser!

Revitalaser Heswall, offer a range of relaxing and beneficial facials all tailored to the client’s skin type. Using only Tropics products in these treatments. You can choose for a quick “lunchtime” facial to a deluxe facial including hand, food and shoulder massage all totally vegan friendly. Whether you want an anti-aging “face lift”, a detoxifying or hydration facial Revitalaser has you covered, you can even bring along a loved one and have a spa day all vegan friendly. This is definitely serious news in the Vegan society!

Andrea Mappouridis, Managing Director of Revitalaser has trained with Tropics founder Susan Ma who teamed up with Lord Alan Sugar, after appearing on the Apprentice launched Tropics, and the response has been so great that Andrea has introduced Vegan friendly treatments in her clinic in Heswall, Wirral.

Now you can enjoy pamper time safe with the knowledge

you are supporting something that is truly Vegan

through its ethics aswell as it’s ingredients.


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